Art Austria AØH Quarterly Selection 2014

My personal Art Consultancy Selection is narrowed down to three main galleries which are definitely worth to be visited in person if you get the chance to go to Vienna in the next few days until Sunday. The first or rather last gallery before the exit presents an installation by two Austrian artists

Michael Kienzer and Franz Riedl, whereby the works of the latter immediately reminded me of my first viewing of Lucio Fontana’s work in New York when I first discovered the international art scene at the age of 17. In a conversation at the art space Art & Function by Sabine Kienzer, I spotted the next generation artists of today and tomorrow, my favorite works were located there respectively in the corner next to the stairs on the first of three levels, which also served as a perfect connection between the art of the Kienzer Family thereby connected from level 1 till -2.

 Michael Kienzer later told me that he was awarded last year’s Art Award for the best installation by medium-aged artists as I told him my personal decision would award this year’s award in this category to him and Franz Riedl, as the award goes to the entire gallery installation respectively and both artists convinced me with their yet subtle but mesmerizing installation that gave both artists the space their work needed to be comprehended in full. To be viewed at Hummel Gallery, see details below.

Galerie Hummel
Contact: Julius Hummel, +43 (0) 1512 1296
EG, Booth 40
Franz Riedl:
Michael Kienzer:

Sabine Kienzer’s Art & Function presented numerous good artists my favourite picks would be the chairs by Andrea Van der Straeten titled ‘Sit or Read’, 2008 and a mirror object by Judith Fegerl. 

Art & Function
Contact: Sabine Kienzer, +43 (0) 676 680 0349
Level -2, Booth 08



Copyright of Art Works: The artists
Documentation Photo Credits: AØH Art Consultancy:
©® Court Jurisdiction 2014 onwards: Graz, Austria

Copyright violation or copying parts or full texts without credits as well as advanced consulting via AØH can result in a law suit. Plagiarism and intellectual property theft is a crime.


Located at:

Art Austria
Leopold Museum in Vienna
Museums Quartier
1070 Vienna, Austria

 Opening hours: Thu – Sun starting from 11.00 a.m.
Open until: Thu, 9.00 p.m, Fri/ Sat, 7.00 p.m. Sun, 6.00 p.m.


For further information please contact:
Art Austria:

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