Olafur Eliasson at TBA21 Augarten


Olafur Eliasson – Green Light An artistic workshop

The current exhibition by Olafur Eliasson in the Viennese art space TBA21 at Augarten is on view until 5th June 2016 and includes a programme with lectures and workshops mainly for the group that has been chosen amongst fugitives and foreign people living in Vienna however, visitors are welcome. On 7th of April Olafur Eliasson himself will be at the exhibition and a performance by the group involved directed by artist and curator Johannes Porsch will take place starting from 12.00 p.m. again visitors are welcome.

The main task the foreign Viennese residents build a lamp designed by Olafur Eliasson including a green light which symbolizes the green light Olafur Eliasson wants to give to the open applications for asylum for a permanent stay for the people involved and also those staying in the three charitable partner organisations of TBA21 where the participants have been chosen from.

The exhibition and its programme is definitely worth a visit and it is a joy to watch the participants building the lamps who are attending German classes and are eating their lunch every day at TBA21.

The green light lamps can be bought from TBA21 and the further programme can be viewed under the following link: TBA21 Green Light



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