Liam Gillick’s Choice at Mayer Kainer Gallery, Vienna

In the framework of this year’s ‘Curated By Vienna’ exhibition series the British artist Liam Gillick is showcasing his personal art selection at the Viennese Contemporary Art Gallery Mayer Kainer located in Eschenbachgasse (from Gumpendorfer Street towards Ring on the right hand side)

The gallery shows works by renowned artist Donald Judd besides younger positions of Contemporary Art.


Floating fish accompany the visitors visit throughout the gallery space and directs our focus towards the gallery ceiling.


The third part of Gillick’s presentation are desks and chairs giving the space a feeling of a school from the 60s surrounded by blow-up fish on the floor.

Definitely worth a visit and the first show recommended in my personal ‘Curated By Vienna’ AØH Art Consultancy Haberz Choice which will grow in the next couple of days.

Have a nice arty weekend and discover what Curated By Vienna 2017 has to offer!

Daniela Haberz                                              Art Consultant and Curator

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