YACA Young Austrian Contemporary Art & Counterparts worldwide 2008 – 2021 – Cancelled

For safety reasons the exhibition showcasing Styrian art has been cancelled. This year unfortunately, there will be no Zu Gast am Schlossberg/ Visiting Schlossberg Mountain I am afraid. Any other exhibitions in the Bell Tower are not related to the series nor myself.

The exhibition YACA (Young Austrian Contemporary Art) & Counterparts worldwide created for the Bell Tower Liesl for April 2021 will comprise and showcase a collection display of Contemporary Austrian Art with focus on the region Styria surrounding Graz and international counterparts that have been collected by myself over the course of the period 2008 until 2021.

Coinciding with the travel to New York from 3rd May until 17th of May 2021 my curatorial selection presents works by Styrian artists Daniel Hafner, Clemens Hollerer, Marlene Hausegger, Roswitha Weingrill & Marko Lulic as artists from Austria and a limited edition print titled Sketch for Two Way Mirror/ Hedge Arabesque, 2013 by Dan Graham as a counterposition for international art from the US to mark an arch between Graz, Austria and our temporary office in New York. Symbolising the prolonging of our office in Baker Street in London, these two works of the collection will travel to subsequently in June 2021.

The showcasing of the work Queen Beatrix, 2008 by Clemens Hollerer, who was the first artist I collected coming from upper Styria marks the beginning of my collecting Styrian art and working with artists from the region Styria surrounding the City of Graz and presents this work first shown in the Netherlands in the crowning hall of the then still regent Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Dan Graham’s exhibition Dan Graham – Contemplation in February 2019 in the Kitchen Gallery in Graz, Austria marks my collection endeavour of international art from the US that originally started with collecting the limited edition video work You called me Jacky by Pipilotti Rist in 2013 at Walther Koenig Book Store at Art Basel.

The counterposition of the Austrian artist Clemens Hollerer as one of the first artists I collected and referring back to the exhibition Dan Graham – Contemplation draw the attention to engaging with art in today’s time locally but at the same time being carried out into the world which was marked by the opening of my office in London last year in October 2020 showcasing the exhibition Paintings Painted/ Malerei Gemalt in November 2020.

Taking time and pause as Contemplation implies by engaging with contemporary art without concerns of our daily life. Like in the previous two exhibitions in 2020, I will continue to provide access to the Bell Tower during the exhibition period only on a very limited basis for families or small groups of people at a time.

The Schlossberg Mountain per se provides a possibility to take time away from the hectic city centre to pause from our day-to-day routine and nearly feel on a holiday by taking the walk uphill towards the Bell Tower Liesl that by means of the heritage surroundings allows for creation of the feeling of being in a remote place as I most recently wrote in the limited edition art book series Horizon & Time Jump on the work of Alfredo Barsuglia published in 2020, which will be presented coinciding with the exhibition opening.

It is not necessary to register but waiting time might occur when groups arrive at the same time. From last year’s experience however, it can be said that this rarely incurs a long waiting time or allows for a short introduction to the art on display by myself as curator of the exhibition and art collector of the AØH Art Collection Haberz.

For a more in-depth guided tour please register under my mobile phone no. +43 664 182 8678 or under dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org The guided tours and access to the exhibition is free of charge, the works on display serve as recommendations for acquisitions of contemporary Austrian art but will not be for sale.

We would like to thank our long-term sponsor Real Estate Department of the City of Graz for their continuing support and the Miles Christie Trust for the loan of the works.

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Curator & Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment

AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.
Wealth Management limited to the assessment in moveable assets in Art & Art Investment

Head office:
Schoergelgasse 32/1/6
8010 Graz

Exhibition Space:
Glockenturm/ Bell Tower Graz
Schlossberg 6
8010 Graz

Mobil Österreich: +43 664 182 8678
E-mail: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org
Web: http://www.artconsultancyhaberz.org

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