Kunst & Handwerk/ Art & Craft – Is it Real?

London Rowing Club in Putney at the River Thames

London Rowing Club in Putney at the River Thames

In a world that is dominated by certificates of authenticity and evaluators and professional assessers making a living from providing their appraisals, we need to call upon our senses and ask ourselves if the art is in the foreground or the provenance.

My mother most recently said, when I gifted my parents a Banksy: I don’t care if it is real or not I like the work!

I guess we should all take ourselves back a little and consider that it is about the artwork itself and the artist no matter who she or he is that matters.

Showcasing a young, Austrian leather bag designer Margarethe Breisach with her label Maggie B. Good in interview with myself as curator of the exhibition to be found below. Her website: http://www.maggiebgood.com

Furthermore we are currently in the middle of building a boat and present our current bi-lateral country endeavour to build a wooden rowing five boat in the framework of my new London project London Rowing Club in Putney at the River Thame Ladies & Gentlemen Club, which invites marginalised and socially excluded groups like homeless or mentally strained, to get together and build this Austrian-British boat, planned in Putney at the River Thames in my rowing club there.

The final location will be sent to those who are part of the team, later this year after signing up per Email or phone under my private contact details as below.

Those who are interested to join please sign up under: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org or call me under my British mobile phone: +44 759 265 7030

The exhibition Art & Craft – Is it Real in the Bell Tower Graz, will present results from past workshops in the series Art Ark/ Bridging by means of Art from 2019 and 2020 created into graffitis splattered around the towers corners and walls, certainly keeping the heritage in mind leaving no trace behind when we leave.

We look forward to welcome my favourite class 4.C which I teach since the second grade in workshops every year and look forward to welcoming the Akademische Gymnasium secondary school again this year.

We would like to thank our long-term sponsor Real Estate Department of the City of Graz and the Tourism Association for their funding support.

We are open Thursday & Fridays from 2.00 until 6.00 p.m. and Saturday from 11.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m.

Last but not least I would like to welcome our new Head of IT George Kettele as well represented in the exhibition with a sound sculpture which was exhibited in London in August/ September 2021 this year.

For guided tours please get in touch under: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org or my British mobile +44 759 265 7030

Looking forward to seeing you all there soon,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Curator & Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment

Image Credit: by George Kettele for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U.


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