AØH Family Trust, London, United Kingdom

The AØH Family Trust based in London, United Kingdom and in Austria the AØH Familien Stiftung based in Graz, Austria is a Charity, allowing people in precarious situations, e.g. facing eviction or property execution to apply for funds to prevent these occurences from taking place.

Furthermore, students from families in less fortunate financial circumstances can apply for student fee funding.

Financial means and base of the Trust, registered in the UK and Austria, is the Art and Literature Collection of the

AØH Family Trust, London, United Kingdom and the AØH Familien Stiftung, Graz, Austria and is currently in the realisation process by means of an Art and Book Auction here in Graz, Austria and in due course in London, United Kingdom.

Apply to: daniela.haberz1@gmail.com for funding possibilities with a PDF, including your current situation, the requested funds and a short CV no more than 5 pages and 3 MB in size.

All my best and there is a silver stripe on the horizon you’ll see,

Daniela Haberz, M.A., Head of Board of Trustees
for the Board of Trustees
AØH Family Trust, Graz, Austria/ London, United Kingdom

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