Jahresprogramm 2020

Skulptur von Dan Graham

Skulptur von Dan Graham

Sehr geehrte Damen & Herren,

liebe Sponsor_innen & Fördergeber_innen,

liebe Freund_innen der AØH Consultancy,

Wir freuen uns das offizielle Ausstellungsprogramm für 2020 bekannt geben zu dürfen.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Kuratorin & Projektleiterin

Februar/ März 2020

Aquarius von Rachele

Aquarius von Rachele

Art Ark/ Brückenschlag der Kunst 2019

Workshopergebnisse des Akademischen Gymnasium & Turmbesucher_innen 2019

April/ Mai 2020

ILA aka Christian Rieger

In God we trust von ILA

In God we trust von ILA

Juli/ August 2020

Robert Klug & Team

Surfboard by Robert Klug & Team

Surfboard by Robert Klug & Team

Oktober/ November 2020

Gruppenausstellung ‘Paintings Painted’

Silk Lime von Max Kulich

Silk Lime von Max Kulich

Max Kulich & Martin Brischnik


Reiner Heidorn & Tonino Gottarelli

Reiner Heidorn

Reiner Heidorn


Opening of the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur 09th November 2019 at 4.30 p.m.

Zeitsprung/ Time Jump, 2019 - 2040 by Alfredo Barsuglia

Zeitsprung, 2019 – 2040 by Alfredo Barsuglia

The inauguration of the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur, conceived and inspired by Joseph Beuys’ Dokumenta 7 Project 7.000 Oaks is opening this Saturday, 09th of November 2019 at 4.30 p.m. at Grünanger Playground in Graz, Austria.

The first art sculpture is by Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia who on the same day has his finissage of the exhibition Horizon at the Bell Tower on Schlossberg Mountain Graz.

Zeitsprung invites visitors to come by when the beech tree is planted this coming Saturday, 09th of November 2019 and asks us to come back on 05th of May 2040 to witness Barsuglia’s performance drawing a little pictorial engraving in the birch of the tree.

Answering questions by the tree school Mircko, when researching which tree would be the right one, the drawing was explained to the habit of scratching a heart into the birch of a tree as symbol for eternal love. This thorough research guarantees that the by 2040 then 21-year old tree will not suffer from this interaction by the artist Alfredo Barsuglia.

The exhibition Horizon is realised in the framework of the series Zu Gast am Schlossberg/ Visiting Schlossberg Mountain, showcasing emerging contemporary art from Graz, the region Styria or with roots here in our home-town since 2015 and is generously supported by the Real Estate Department of the City of Graz, the County of Styria Culture & Foreign Affairs, City of Graz Culture, Tourism Association Graz and the Mayor of the City of Graz.

Sponsors: Glas Sajko & Foto Leutner

Horizon & Zeitsprung are projects by AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u. in co-operation with the artist Alfredo Barsuglia curated and headed by Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Looking forward to seeing you all there and all my best wishes,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Head Sculpture Garden on the River Mur


AØH Art Consultancy Haberz

Schörgelgasse 32, 8010 Graz, Austria

Mobile: +43 664 182 8678

E: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org

W: http://www.artconsultancyhaberz.org

Exhibition space:

Glockenturm am Grazer Schlossberg

Schlossberg 6, 8010 Graz, Austria

Tram Stop 4 or 5: Schlossberg Bahn then with the cable car to the top of the Schlossberg Mountain, opposite the Mountain Station/ Bergstation

The tram ticket entitles to use of the cable car free of charge.

Sculpture Garden – Starting Point

Grünanger Playground/ Skate Park

Angergasse 78, 8041 Graz, Austria

Bus Stop: Thyrgasse Bus 34 & 34E

Wegbeschreibung/ How to get there

AØH TV: Frieze London Talk

Art discussion in the Deutsche Bank Wealth Management Lounge on private and public Sculpture Parks as well as commissions for sculptures with collector and Sculpture Park Donum curator Allan Warburg, curator of Yorkshire Sculpture Park Claire Lilly & Danish artist Ingar Dragset from artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset.

Donum Sculpture Park:


Yorkshire Sculpture Park: https://ysp.org.uk

Elmgreen & Dragset:


AØH Recommendation: Schau dass Du weiter kommst G.R.A.M. mit Arno Geiger @ Galerie LKH Graz II

Eröffnung: Dienstag, 17.09.2019 19:00 Uhr

Ausstellung des Künstlerduos G.R.A.M. (Martin Behr & Günther Holler-Schuster) in Zusammenarbeit mit Arno Geiger

Martin Behr und Günther Holler-Schuster zeigen ein im Areal des LKH Süd entstandenes Kunstprojekt, welches Szenen mit hochgehaltenen Schriftzügen getextet von Arno Geiger in Fotoformat zeigt.

Wie Martin Behr sagte: ‘Wie in anderen von uns nachgestellten Posen von Politikern (anmr: in politisch brisanten oder in den Medien thematisierten Szenen) zeigen wir hier am Gelände der Psychiatrischen Klinik LKH Süd II in Aktionistischer Positur die von Arno Geiger zu unserem Konzept geschriebenen Sätze’

Diese Re-enactments wie Kulturstadtrat Riegler nochmals definiert, beschreiben und bereichern durch eine zusätzliche Bedeutungsebene wie ich Martin’s Ausführungen hinzufügen kann.

Definitiv einen Besuch Wert.

Beste Grüße

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Independent Critic/ Unabhängige Kunstkritikerin

AØH Recommendation: Julian Opie @ Krobath, Wien/ Vienna

Please scroll down for English version

Der Britische Künstler Julian Opie, der am besten für seine abstrakten Porträts von ihm nahestehenden Personen bekannt ist, besonders aus seinem täglichen Alltag, zeigt eine Ausstellung in der Galerie Krobath in Wien.

Der Künstler wird in Österreich von Galerie Krobath in Wien vertreten und in England von Lisson Gallery, London/ New York/ Shanghai, für die ich als Art Consultant tätig bin.

Bildrechte: Daniela Haberz, M.A. für AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.

The British artist Julian Opie, best known for his abstract portraits of people close to him or those relating to his day-to-day life shows a solo show at Viennese gallery Krobath in Austria.

The artist is represented in Austria by Galerie Krobath, Vienna and in England by Lisson Gallery, London/ New York/ Shanghai which I work for as an Art Consultant.

Photo Credits: Daniela Haberz, M.A. for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.

Julian Opie: https://www.julianopie.com

Kontakt Österreich:
Galerie Krobath
Eschenbachgasse 9, A-1010 Wien
W: http://www.galeriekrobath.at

Kontakt England:
Lisson Gallery
67 Lisson Street
London NW1 5DA, United Kingdom
W: http://www.lissongallery.com

AØH Art Consultancy Haberz  E.u.
Daniela Haberz, M.A., Art Consultant for Lisson Gallery, London Mobile: +43 664 182 8678
W: http://www.artconsultancyhaberz.org


AØH Recommendation: Astrup Fearnley Museet showing Damien Hirst & Anselm Kiefer

Astrup Fearnly Museum by architect Renzo Piano is one of the largest contemporary art museums I’ve visited so far.
Upon approaching the building I saw a bridge connecting two parts of the building which in comparison with Snøhetta’s Oslo Opera building connected the two part glass structure of the building with each other mainly using the materials wood and glass. In this manner there it created the sensation of openness a welcoming invitation to come inside and explore the building as well from the inside. In the back yard I saw a sculpture by Indian artist Anish Kapoor represented by Lisson Gallery, London: https://www.lissongallery.com

The main spaces however, are clearly distinct in terms of opening up to the sides and creating a vast feeling expanding to all sides of the space housing and counterpositioning contemporary art known to picture the art scene of the ‘Here and Now’ created anew with possibility to still get the insight from the artists first of hand. In a conversation with my flight seating neighbour we discussed the term contemporary and what it means yesterday and I could explain that contrary to the timewise adjacent Modernism the art has actually been created anew and quoting an article titled ‘Comrades of time’ by philosopher and art critic Boris Groys in the E-flux Reader ‘What Is Contemporary Art’? he stated as well already inherent in the title of his text that we are able to still be together with the artists defined as ‘Comrades’ of our current day-to-day life. Quoting from his article he says: Contemporary art deserves its name insofar as it manifests its own contemporaneity – and this is not simply a matter of being recently made or displayed. Thus the question ‘What is contemporary art’ implicates the question ‘What is the contemporary?’ How could the contemporary as such be shown? 1)

Adding to this notion I have curated a group exhibition at my then gallery space Para_SITE which was founded to showcase contemporary art mainly students of the art universities for Applied Arts & Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and the FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria where the gallery was based in the city centre. The translation to German with a term I created was ‘Zeitgenöss_innen’ by choice gendering as in my curatorial practise I tried to equal both female as well as male artists being able to present their work in the small white cube space presenting themselves to the public for the first time or at first in a commercial context that supported their work with small or none at all commissions as funded by the local funding boards and the BMUKK today Bundeskanzleramt therefore being able to support the artists in this manner with sales solely benefiting themselves. To summerise in short ‘Comrades of Time’ equals ‘Zeitgenöss_innen’ inherent both comrades as Genöss_innen and ‘of Time’ Zeit’ reflecting the term ‘Zeitgenössisch’ in English ‘Contemporary’.
The art experience at Astrup Fearnley makes as well supported by the building itself best use of the curatorial concept presenting Contemporary Art counterpositioning and streching it like a conceptual web allowing for different settings depending on the point of view within the space and the location the visitor directs her or his gaze towards the curatorial positioning. Wandering around in the exhibition I realised that no matter where I stood the presentation of a handful of contemporary works always created a perfect setting allowing for several encompassing and clearly structured settings. The presentation was based on colour coding, sculpture versus painting or print works and conent-wise across the two open floors of the show. These curatorial concept I am using as well in my own curatorial practise as well connecting the three floors of my art space the landmark Bell Tower by means of Deja-vues reminding of the seen when walking from the ground floor to the second floor like a web created by the visual complexities of the human eye, just recently in Anna Werzowa’s exhibition ‘Creation by Nature’ making us experience her body of work by means of ‘Sichtachsen’ like being an insect exploring a space as we showcased her work incorporating her insects being presented using a technical as well as natural historic approach.
In the exhibition Private Passion New Aquisitions in the Astrup Fearnly Collection the curatorial display by Gunnar B. Kvaran opened up various assemblages of the works presented relating to each other nearly endlessly communicating with each other.
Like in my personal approach to art critisism and curatorial practise I choose one work to depart from on my personal journey or more concret my personal story I am telling about the experience when walking through the art display. This as well is incorporated in my ‘Art Ark/ Brückenschlag der Kunst’ educational programme as part of every exhibition in the framework of ‘Zu Gast am Schlossberg’ in English ‘Visiting Schlossberg Mountain’ opening up several stories to be told by means of the subjective approach by every visitor. Like the French philosopher Michel Foucault wrote the positioning and inherent spacial setting created new stories to be spread by word of mouth adding to the experience of the visit of galleries or in my case independent art space using the Bell Tower and creating a marketing possibility stronger than any other means of communication. The invisible web created by us as curators leads to an infinite communication about the art and every personal view is since the foundation of the exhibition series incorporated in my personal curatorial guided tours through the exhibitions as well being mentioned in the limited edition AØH Art Publication realised in the framework of every exhibition.
At the museum in Oslo the invisible web was enlarged by the museum guards wearing jackets with the printed text ‘Let’s Talk Art’ inviting to engage in discussion about what’s on view in a very reduced manner not forcing or inflicting an opinion on the viewer. This is as well my own approach simply being there when needed other than that experiencing the exhibition in solitude. Challenging for myself as an exhibition guide and guard at the same time engaging with the visitors on a personal level especially those who were bias last in Werzowa’s display and by means of an always doggerent approach suiting the requirements by the individual visitors creating an art experience that viewers can benefit from personally. As inherent in the commercial world the ‘Buyer is queen or king’ added to by myself ‘Everyone is treated equally be it doctor or professor as well as homeless or beggar. Funilly enough I habe tge experience that those dressed like homeless are most likely to buy art, probably like in my case that expensive clothing is not as important as the addiction to add to ones art collection.
Astrup Fearnly is currently housing a collection display under the title ‘Private Passion New Aquisitions in the Astrup Fearnley Collection’ and a survey with seminal works by German artist Anselm Kiefer curated by Natalia Granero and Gunnar B. Kvaran travelling to the Fondation Jan Michalski from 7th February until the 7th of April 2020. In the second adjecent space as well works by British artist Damien Hirst are on view which steem from his participation in ‘Sensation’ at the Royal Academy in 1997 marking the beginning of Britain’s art movement YBA (Young British Art) portraying the contemporary art scene of the late 90s in the United Kingdom mainly backed by Marketing Mongul Charles Saatchi. Years later after my thesis on the Investment strategy when buying Austrian Contemporary Art under the title ‘Is Austrian Contemporary Art a Good Investment’? leading to my answer to YBA and creation of the movement YACA (Young Austrian Contemporary Art) as the result of my research concluded in it being a good investment but the marketing and spread of notion as well as ankering in the public notion nationally but as well focusing mainly on internationalisation like once achieved by ‘Actionism’ in the 60s till 90s that gained international respect by means of attracting attention by performance art e.g. by Peter Weibel & Valie Export.
Anselm Kiefer’s Personale at the Astrup Fearnly Museum presented large scale works overwhelming both in size and strength maling us small besides them.
Relating to knowledge by means of showing journals and large scale sculptures of books the impression is created that reading books results in accumulation of knowledge making our life and the time spent worthwile. At the same time being monumental in size reflecting that knowledge is infinite as well creating a slightly pressuring sensation from my personal view. The pressure and at times depression knowledge about worrying content can lead to especially when portrayed in a ‘reisserisch’ writing style by some boulevard and yellow press news media frightening the public results in wrong impressions leading to fright and panic in our society. Secrets we often stumble upon or are leading to change and necessity to adapt to a new approach in our day-to-day life, like one might say: What we saw with a distant view years ago only known from far away countries informed about in television and daily press now happens right in front of our doorsteps. Like we donated around Christmas to children and as well as elderly or the poorest in need happens today right on our doorsteps and becomes frightening as we need to really face it not just write a cheque and not be further involved.
Once before we were made aware of war and destruction during the fachist and Nazi  times all accross the world, now we face fugitives dying on their way to reach secure and peacful lands being followed and imprissiond in their homecountries only because they state their personal views with society that suffers from repression and dictatorship.
Do we pay our debts to society to quiet our conscience or simply buy food for the homeless with a friendly supporting conversation  like in my case better than the payment which might reach organisations but not the suffering?
Key to the approach to provide shelter and support is in- not exclusion and our willingness to help by being open to the new that reaches us like here in Austria still our haven and island of security and peace. Why not share it with the suffering by being open to change and diminish our predigist. This is meant to be a credo by both locals as well as those asking for help. Racism is always both sided which I know from personal experience being treated racist by people from foreign countries still I stay true to my way to treat everyone equally not drift into being bias towards people from foreign countries strange to ourseves and our way of living.
Anselm Kiefer’s work left the impression on me that today’s world needs a more open approach towards inclusion in contrary to fierce rejection of things alien to our own culture and way of living. Standing between his large-scale sculptures amd manuscripts I felt like a little sandkorn in the wide array of the universe of wisdom. Inspired by his work I got a book with a text about his work and a small childrens’ tale Niels Holgerson which seemed related to the wide openess of the Nordic landscapes that this book is set in.
The next exhibition titled ‘The Great Exhibition’ will be by Gilbert & George who are represented by my new co-operation partner Lehmann Maupin based in London, Hong Kong & New York: https://www.lehmannmaupin.com/
The App of the Astrup Fesrnley Museum that can be downloaded for free gives further educational insight in the exhibitions on view or for those of us that prefer the analogue world like me, engage in a discussion with the museum guides as offered: ‘Let’s talk Art’!
All my best,
Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Curator & Independent Art Critic

1) Julieta Aranda, Brian Kuan Wood, Anton Vidokle: e-flux journal, What is Contemporary Art?, art. Boris Groys: Comrades of Time, p. 22, Sternberg Press New York, 2010

Copyright visual material & review: Daniela Haberz, M.A. for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz
Schörgelgasse 32, 8010 Graz, Austria
Mobile: +43 (0) 664 182 8678

Contact Anish Kapoor
Lisson Gallery, London

Contact Gilbert & George
Lehman Maupin Gallery, London/ New York

AØH Recommendation: Opera House in Oslo, Norway

Photographing and approaching the Oslo Opera House in Norway I came to the conclusion that the building has similarities with structures of pyramides.

Shapes that appeared continiously in the architectural concept by Norwegian Snøhetta are the triangle and the combination of two forms to a rectangle.

Small stairways with small steps led up on the side of the building cornering the triangle shaped seating area and bear similarities with the skyline of ancient pyramid structures.

The shadow on the side of the building added another layer to the building enlarging it by means of natural light.

As in my curatorial concepts, last in the exhibition ‘Creation by Natur’ by young Austrian artist Anna Werzowa in May/ June 2019, shadows are a main importance in my curatorial practice as this way the art can be put in perspective with the existing architecture. The newly created  art sculpture ‘Flight of the Dragonfly’, 2019 by Anna Werzowa was set in her exhibition in a triangle shape to  counterposition the art work with the existing architecture  of the Bell Tower on Schlossberg Mountain dating from the 15th century and by means of falling in daylight and artificial light, created shadows that prolonged the quadryptichon sculpture onto the surrounding walls of the landmark.

The light played an essential role in Snøhetta’s architectural concept too and by means of a large glass structure in the middle of the building that span from one side to the other and standing on the side slopes allowed to view the entire space inside from the outside. Mirroring glass reflecting sunlight created an additional conceptual level which I often include in my curatorial work as well.

In case of the contemporary architecture of the Oslo Opera a sculpture by the Danish Islandic artist Olafur Eliasson created light in the corners of the building that were not reached by daylight and as well spun the structure of the sculpture consisting of small triangle shapes  as well due to the glass structure near the sculpture that mirrored it to infinity.

As mentioned above the building has a clear reference to the ancient building methods of pyramides which Snøhetta brought to the Here and Now of contemporary Architecture and Art.

All my best,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Independent Art Advisor

AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.

Photo Credits: Daniela Haberz, M.A. for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.




Jahresprogramm 2019/ 2020

Kunstinstallation Touristi, 2019 des Italienischen Künstlers Maurizio Cattelan im Theseus Tempel, Wien


Sehr geehrte Damen & Herren,
liebe Fördergeber_innen & Sponsor_innen,

Bitte finden Sie unten stehend den Projektbericht fürs heurige Ausstellungsjahr, eine Bilddokumentation der Ausstellung ‘Kreation der Natur’ der jungen Künstlerin Anna Werzowa im Grazer Glockenturm, die von Mai bis Juni 2019 stattfand sowie das geplante Ausstellungsprogramm mit Oktober 2019 bis August 2020.

Das Jahresprogramm mit Projektportefolios für 2019/ 2020:
Link: Land Steiermark Einreichung Jahresprogramm Sept 2019 – Aug 2020

Projektbericht Jahresprogramm Oktober 2019 bis August 2019
Link: Projektbericht Jahresprogramm Art Consultancy Haberz 2018/ 2019

Bilddokumentation  Ausstellung ‘Kreation der Natur’ von Anna Werzowa im Rahmen von ‘Zu Gast am Schlossberg’ Mai – Juni 2019
Link: Doku Ausstellung Werzowa

Pressemitteilung für Ausstellung ‘Horizont’ von Alfredo Barsuglia im Rahmen von Zu Gast am Schlossberg Oktober/ November 2019 & Zeitsprung im Rahmen vom Skulpturengarten an der Mur November 2019:
Pressetext Horizont Zeitsprung Zu Gast am Schlossberg Alfredo Barsuglia

Portfolio Alfredo Barsuglia:
Werkauswahl Alfredo Barsuglia Zu Gast am Schlossberg Oktober November 2019

Werkauswahl Jörg Auzinger für ‘Zu Gast am Schlossberg’ im Mai/ Juni 2020:
Werkauswahl Joerg Auzinger Zu Gast am Schlossberg Mai Juni 2020

Mit besten Grüßen und ich freue mich bereits über Ihr Vertrauen und Ihre Unterstützung  in unsere neuen Vorhaben

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Kuratorin & Projektleiterin

Fotorechte: Daniela Haberz für AØH Art Consultancy Haberz und die Künstlerin
Fotorechte: Daniela Haberz, M.A. für AØH Art Consultancy Haberz und den Künstler

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz
Schörgelgasse 32, 8010 Graz, Austria
Projektstandort: Glockenturm am Grazer Schlossberg
Schlossberg 6, 8010 Graz, Austria

Mobil: +43 (0) 664 182 8678
E-mail: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org
Web: http://www.artconsultancyhaberz.org

‘Horizon’ by Alfredo Barsuglia @ Glockenturm on Schlossberg, Graz (AUT) – 11th October 2019

Horizont 2019

Horizon, 2019 © Alfredo Barsuglia




Opening: Friday, 11th of October 2019 from 4.00 till 09.00 p.m.
Duration: 12th October till 08th November 2019
Closing reception: 09th November 2019 11.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.
Inauguration of the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur:  Barsuglia’s Sculpture ‘Time Jump’, 2019 – 2040 at the river banks
09th Nov 2019 at 4.30 p.m.


Exhibition Horizon
Glockenturm at Schlossberg, Schlossberg 6, 8010 Graz, Austria

Inauguration Sculpture Garden at the River Mur
Installation Time Jump, 2019 – 2040 by Alfredo Barsuglia:
Banks of the River Mur located near Taggerwerk, Graz, Austria

Opening hours

Exhibition Horizon:
Thursday & Friday: 2.00 – 6.00 p.m.
Saturday: 11.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.

Closed on 1st Allerheiligen & 2nd Allerseelen of November 2019

Sculpture Garden at the River Mur:
Public Installations – open to all 24/7
Wheel chair & baby stroller access
Family friendly


Pressetext Horizont & Zeitsprung von Alfredo Barsuglia ‘Zu Gast am Schlossberg’

Press release:

The young Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia born in Graz, Austria with Italian roots, will present his exhibition in the Bell Tower on Schlossberg Mountain, Graz (AUT) in the exhibition series ‘Visiting Schlossberg Mountain’ 2019 starting from 11th October until 09th of November 2019.

The installation titled ‘Horizon’ will transform the local landmark Bell Tower Graz into a Sea side lieux which upon entering makes us feel being in a different remote surrounding.

From a sea side sun down through a level of maps and nautical equipment towards a star constellation, invented by the artist Alfredo Barsuglia himself, we discover the Bell Tower anew.

In the framework of Barsuglia’s exhibition the first installation of the Sculpture Garden at the river Mur will be realised on the banks of the river in Graz under the title ‘Time jump’, 2019-2040 which presents the artist’s invitation to revisit the site where a five year old tree will be planted this October 2019, in 2040 when he will be creating a little drawing in the birch of the tree. As we discussed with dry sense of humour: ‘If we and the tree will still be alive’. ‘Definitely planning on it’ we decided.

The closing reception on 09th November  will be followed by the presentation of Barsuglia’s installation Time Jump, 2019 – 2040 inaugurating the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur at 4.30 p.m. curated and Head of Project Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Bell Tower and at the inauguration of the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur for Barsuglia’s performance planting a tree referencing Joseph Beuys Dokumentation Project 7.000 Oaks.

We would like to thank the County of Styria, City of Graz Culture, Real Estate Department & the Tourism Board as well as the Mayor of the City of Graz.

All my best for a relaxing summer,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Curator & Head of projects

Daniela Haberz, M.A., Curator
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.
E-mail: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org
Mobile: +43 664 182 8678
Web: http://www.artconsultancyhaberz.org

Anna Werzowa – Kreation der Natur – Zu Gast am Schlossberg 2019

Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 09. Mai 2019 16:00 – 21:00 Uhr
Teilnahme Schlossbergfest: Sonntag, 12. Mai 2019 11:00 – 14:00 Uhr
Laufzeit: 10. Mai – 07. Juni 2019
Finissage: 08. Juni 2019 11:00 – 15:00 Uhr
Ort: Glockenturm Graz (Liesl), Schlossberg 6, 8010 Graz (gegenüber der Schlossbergbahn)

Donnerstag & Freitag 14:00 – 18:00 Uhr und Samstag 11:00 – 14:00 Uhr

Please scroll down for English version

Wir freuen uns bekannt geben zu dürfen, dass die junge Wiener Künstlerin Anna Werzowa, die in Graz und Klosterneuburg arbeitet als nächste Künstlerin im Rahmen der Ausstellungsreihe  ‘Zu Gast am Schlossberg’ 2019 ihre Werke im Grazer Glockenturm präsentiert.

Werzowa, die bereits im Vorjahr einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf ihr künstlerisches Schaffen unter dem Titel ‘Kreation der Natur – Sneak Preview’ in der Kitchen Gallery Graz vorgestellt hat, wird im Glockenturm auf drei Ebenen ihre größeren Skulpturen umsetzen.

Eine im Mittelpunkt stehende Installation, die in Bezug zu Marcel Duchamp’s Kunstwerk ‘Das große Glas’ gesehen werden kann, wird mit einer Steirischen Glasfirma gemeinsam umgesetzt, was unsere Zusammenarbeit mit Handwerksbetrieben, welche seit 2010 im Zuge der von mir kuratierten Reihe YACA (Young Austrian Contemporary Art) and Counterparts worldwide, realisiert wird und ebenfalls bei der aktuell in der Kitchen Gallery zu sehenden Präsentation ‘Dan Graham – Contemplation’ mit seinem Werk ‘Sketch for Two Way Mirror/ Hedge Arabesque’, 2013, das durch Neuentwicklung eines Rahmens in Kooperation mit dem Grazer Betrieb Kaspar Harnisch, das Werk schweben lässt, fortsetzt.

Anna Werzowa bezieht sich in Ihren Werken auf die Natur und darin vorgefundenen Insekten, welche sie in ihre Installationen mit einbringt. Bei ihrem neuen Werk mit Bezug auf Marcel Duchamp wird sie im größeren Maßstab die Sichtbarkeit der in Glas eingeschlossenen fragilen Objekte erstmalig als zentrales Werk in dieser Form dem Publikum präsentieren.

Ein im Rahmen ihrer Präsentation in der Kitchen Gallery in Graz entstandenes Künstlerinterview im Rahmen der Reihe AØH Conversations finden Sie hier:

Auf den beiden weiteren Ebenen des Glockenturms werden Werzowa’s größere Objekte, gezeigt, welche das Element Wasser und Licht nutzen, sowie kleinere Werke durch Präsentation von ‘Resten der Natur’, welche zwischen naturhistorisch präparatorischen Arbeitsvorgängen und Umsetzung in Werzowa’s künstlerischer Handschrift oszillieren.

Zeichnungen, welche die Herangehensweise von Beginn ihrer Beschäftigung mit dem Präparieren von gestorbenen Lebewesen und deren Erhalt für die Nachwelt in künstlerischen Objekten dokumentieren, welche durch kleine Motoren wieder ‘lebendig’ werden, runden die Einzelpräsentation der jungen Künstlerin Anna Werzowa ab.

Die Reihe ‘Zu Gast am Schlossberg’ findet jährlich seit 2015 unter meinem Kuratorium im Grazer Glockenturm statt und präsentiert junge Kunst aus Österreich mit Bezug zu Graz und der Steiermark. Im Oktober/ November 2019 präsentieren wir Alfredo Barsuglia ebenfalls mit einer Einzelpräsentation unter meinem Kuratorium im Rahmen von ‘Zu Gast am Schlossberg’ 2019.

Bei Rückfragen und Anmeldung zu Ausstellungsführungen bin ich jederzeit unter
0664 182 8678 oder per E-mail unter dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org erreichbar.

Kuratiert von Daniela Haberz, M.A. für AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.

Wir danken unserem Sponsor Immobilienabteilung der Stadt Graz, sowie dem Land Steiermark Kultur, Europa & Außenbeziehungen und der Stadt Graz Kultur und dem Tourismusverband und dem Bürgermeister der Stadt Graz für ihre Unterstützung.

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

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Daniela Haberz, M.A., Kuratorin
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz
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Creation by Nature by Anna Werzowa
in the framework of Visiting Schlossberg Mountain 2019
Curated by Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Opening: Thursday, 09th of May 2019 4.00 – 9.00 p.m.
Participation Schlossbergfest: Sunday, 12th of May 2019 11.00 – 2.00 p.m.
Duration: 10th of May until 07th of June 2019
Closing Reception: 08th of June 2019 11.00 a.m. until 3.00 p.m.
Place: Glockenturm (Bell Tower) Graz (Liesl), Schlossberg 6, 8010 Graz
(opposite of the  Schlossberg Cable Car)

Opening hours:
Thursday & Friday 2.00 – 6.00 p.m. & Saturday 11.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m.

We are happy to announce that the young Viennese artist Anna Werzowa, living and working in Klosterneuburg and Graz, Austria will be presenting her first large-scale exhibition in the framework of the exhibition series ‘Visiting Schlossberg Mountain’ in the Bell tower on Schlossberg Mountain in Graz, Austria.

Werzowa who already gave a short insight in her working practice at the Kitchen Gallery last year in October/ November 2018 under the title ‘Creation by Nature – Sneak Preview’ will be presenting her large-scale works on three levels at the Bell Tower on Schlossberg Mountain in the midst of the city of Graz in Austria.

In the centre of the exhibition will be a sculpture being seen in reference of the ‘Large Glass’ by Marcel Duchamp incorporating her fragile objects framed in a glass plate, which will be realised with a local glass company prolonging our long-time
co-operation with local companies started in 2010 in the framework of the exhibition serie YACA (Young Austrian Contemporary Art) and counterparts worldwide which most recently has been realised in developing a frame for the exhibition ‘Dan Graham -Contemplation’ currently on view at the Kitchen Gallery, Graz presenting his work ‘Two Way Mirror/ Hedge Arabesque’, 2013 in co-operation with Kaspar Harnisch, Graz allowing the work to be presented floating in the frame on the wall.

In her work Anna Werzowa references nature and insects found adding a technical approach combined in her artistic working practice in form of  installations that bring these found left-overs back to life.

In her newly created work which can be seen in reference to Marcel Duchamp, Werzowa will be including her fragile objects in a larger framework by means of a glass installation presented to the public for the first time.

In the framework of her exhibition at the Kitchen Gallery last year 2018 an artist conversation has been led in the series AØH Conversations describing her working methods and the smaller works on show. The art conversation can be found under the link above in German language.

On the two additional levels of the bell tower her larger-scale installations will be presented working with the element of water and light oscillating between natural history and Werzowa’s taxidermian working approach incorporated in her artistic handwriting.

Drawings documenting the beginning of her working practice by means of conservatory methods, keeping animals found for posterity at the same time reviving them by use of small motors add her technical approach completing her exhibition.

The exhibition series ‘Visiting Schlossberg Mountain presents emerging Contemporary art from Austria with focus on art from Graz or Styria since 2015 curated by myself in the local landmark Bell Tower, Graz in Austria. This year in October/ November 2019 Alfredo Barsuglia will be presenting a solo exhibition as well curated by myself.

For further enquiries and guided tours through the exhibition please contact me under my mobile number: +43 (0) 664 182 8678 or via e-mail under: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org

Curated by Daniela Haberz, M.A. for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.

We would like to thank our sponsors the Real Estate Department of the City of Graz and our funding parties County of Styria Culture Europe and Foreign Affairs as well as the City of Graz Culture and the Mayor of the City of Graz for their support.

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Curator & Head of project


Daniela Haberz, M.A., Curator & Head of project
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz
Mobil: +43 (0) 664 182 8678
E-mail: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org
Web: http://www.artconsultancyhaberz.org