Vienna Gallery Days 2015

The Gallery Days Tour No. #1 for the friends of Albertina was an interesting and informing talk.

The curatorial Conversation with the artist Marko Lulic at the Galerie Senn started the tour and a performance at Galerie Christine König was the following exhibition we visited. Christine König’s Gallery was well staged like always  the works were installed in a perfect setup completed by the artist’s song a hymn to prepaid phone bills which we now know are better paid unless you want your quiet out of reach island mentality.

Marco Lulic Conversation
Marco Lulic Conversation at Galerie Senn, Vienna

Performance at Galerie Christine König, Vienna Gallery Days 2015

Looking forward to further gallery visits next time I’m around in Vienna and as Christine König put it well into words, better don’t spoil your relationship with the gallerist unless you plan to retire early.

Definitely worth visiting Schleifmühlgasse when you are in Vienna.

All my best,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

AØH Art Consultancy Haberz

Michael Schuster im Landtag Graz, Landhaushof Passage towards Herrengasse, Graz (AUT)

Michael Schuster in der Landhaushof Passage

Michael Schuster in der Landhaushof Passage, May 2015  

“The mirror that shows what you’re lacking” is one of the largest interface art works I have seen so far.

Austrian new media artist Michael Schuster and his studio have created a new interactive device, which passer-bys and people from and around Graz can interact with.
My first encounter with the art work, located  in a passage from Herrengasse towards the Sterirische Landhaushof about a month ago, made me pose the question towards the art work, What does the art work lack, was my counter-question to the question posed on the art work, that translates the German phrase into: “There are as well mirrors, that show what you are lacking.” The exact German phrase is: “Es gibt auch Spiegel, in denen man erkennen kann was einem fehlt.”
Upon my first encounter with the installation in the Landhaushof Passage it lacked depths and colour-proofing, as the writing did not spread towards the entire screen. The next day the guard lacked “health” as he turned up at work sick and had to go home. The art work was fine-tuned soon later as the technicians arrived and adjusted the depths to 5 pixle evenly spread as to appear three-dimensional. At that point in time, a few people engaged with the work into a discussion, after a week or two I felt the need of better adjusting of my spectacles and also my sunglasses needed optical lenses.
I started a co-operation with Optik Fauland, who is my optrician since almost 30 years. We chose Zeiss glasses for my Chanel Sunglasses with plastic glass for security purposes. This smaller scale project was bringing me down to earth after working for two or three weeks on adjusting the work.
My answer to the question posed by Michael Schuster’s art work was: “Time to think in order to develope visionary works.” which also relates to the sculpture in the Landhaushof according to greek mythology a half-god, half-human Faun, who according to the art work’s title is visionary and gazes directly into the direction into the centre of Schuster’s work. Be it accidentally or by precise calculation the result is perfection.
“Faun with Vision”, 2010 by Martin Karlik
Visible in the mirrored image of Michael Schuster’s artwork

“Mirror”, Landhaushof, Copyright: May 2015

“The Mirror shows what you’re lacking”, 2015 by Michael Schuster
 Artist: Michael Schuster
Measurements: 5,5 x 2,5 meter
Location: Landhaushof, Passage
Steirischer Landtag
Documentation: Daniela Haberz, M.A.; May 2015

Future Generation Art Prize 2014


Check out the Application for Viktor Pinchuk’s Future Generation Art Prize here: 

Extended Deadline until 30.04.2014

Jury members include Francesco Bonami Curator and Director of the 50th Venice Biennale (Italy) and Eckhard Schneider, General Director of the PinchukArtCentre, Ukraine as well as artists Doris Salcedo and Jan Fabre.

Good luck!

Daniela Haberz, M.A., Art Advisor, AØH Art Consultancy