Kunst & Handwerk/ Art & Craft – Is it Real?

London Rowing Club in Putney at the River Thames

London Rowing Club in Putney at the River Thames

In a world that is dominated by certificates of authenticity and evaluators and professional assessers making a living from providing their appraisals, we need to call upon our senses and ask ourselves if the art is in the foreground or the provenance.

My mother most recently said, when I gifted my parents a Banksy: I don’t care if it is real or not I like the work!

I guess we should all take ourselves back a little and consider that it is about the artwork itself and the artist no matter who she or he is that matters.

Showcasing a young, Austrian leather bag designer Margarethe Breisach with her label Maggie B. Good in interview with myself as curator of the exhibition to be found below. Her website: http://www.maggiebgood.com

Furthermore we are currently in the middle of building a boat and present our current bi-lateral country endeavour to build a wooden rowing five boat in the framework of my new London project London Rowing Club in Putney at the River Thame Ladies & Gentlemen Club, which invites marginalised and socially excluded groups like homeless or mentally strained, to get together and build this Austrian-British boat, planned in Putney at the River Thames in my rowing club there.

The final location will be sent to those who are part of the team, later this year after signing up per Email or phone under my private contact details as below.

Those who are interested to join please sign up under: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org or call me under my British mobile phone: +44 759 265 7030

The exhibition Art & Craft – Is it Real in the Bell Tower Graz, will present results from past workshops in the series Art Ark/ Bridging by means of Art from 2019 and 2020 created into graffitis splattered around the towers corners and walls, certainly keeping the heritage in mind leaving no trace behind when we leave.

We look forward to welcome my favourite class 4.C which I teach since the second grade in workshops every year and look forward to welcoming the Akademische Gymnasium secondary school again this year.

We would like to thank our long-term sponsor Real Estate Department of the City of Graz and the Tourism Association for their funding support.

We are open Thursday & Fridays from 2.00 until 6.00 p.m. and Saturday from 11.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m.

Last but not least I would like to welcome our new Head of IT George Kettele as well represented in the exhibition with a sound sculpture which was exhibited in London in August/ September 2021 this year.

For guided tours please get in touch under: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org or my British mobile +44 759 265 7030

Looking forward to seeing you all there soon,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Curator & Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment

Image Credit: by George Kettele for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U.


Daniela Haberz, M.A.

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Multiple Art in Reykjavik, Iceland – In conversation with Multis Gallery Heads Ásdis Spanó & Helga Óskarsdóttir

Ásdis & Helga, Heads of Multis Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
Ásdis Spanó & Helga Óskarsdóttir – Heads of Multis Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

Interview with Multis Gallery’s power duo Ásdis Spanó & Helga Óskarsdóttir in the framework of the series AØH TV in conversation with Daniela Haberz, M.A. for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz, Graz, Austria/ London, United Kingdom about Icelandic artists and announcing our collaboration to exchange Icelandic, Austrian and British artists between our spaces in Reykjavik, Iceland; Graz, Austria and London, United Kingdom.

Ásdis Spanó & Helga Óskarsdóttir – Heads of Multis Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland in conversation with Daniela Haberz, M.A. Head of AØH Art Consultancy Haberz, Graz, Austria/ London, United Kingdom

For further information aboutr Multis please check out their website under: http://www.multis.is

Looking forward to a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration with Multis and an exchange programme between Iceland, Austria and the United Kingdom between our art institutions.

All my best from Iceland,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment & Curator for Contemporary Art
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz, Graz, Austria/ London, United Kingdom


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City Graz Race July 2021 & the connection to Music

Rowing Club Graz / Ruderclub Graz Team

Rowing Club Graz / Ruderclub Graz Team

LIA Rowing Club Vienna

LIA Rowing Club Vienna

LIA Rowing Club Vienna

Becoming a member of the Rowing Club Graz most recently has brought me to covering the City Graz Race last Saturday on the River Mur.

One of the still hidden secrets of the City of Graz when you talk to people is the fact that you can actually row on our River Mur and that the Rowing Club Graz provides the possibility to attend courses to learn how to row if you engage with locals in a discussion.

So far still a newbie in the rowing world I decided to document the recent Race on the River Mur that brought several rowing clubs together to compete in the discipline eight boat racing for people unfamiliar to rowing, meaning that eighth people row in one boat, not as usual three to five like in normal rowing boats and that you do not have two oars each but simply one per person that are distributed to both sides equally  by means of every second rower having one oar pointing in the same direction, boats mainly used for professional racing.

One of the greatest misconceptions by the general public is the distinction between paddling and rowing as they simply did not grow up with it like me, not being priviledged  enough to be sitting in a rowing boat from early childhood onwards.

Rowing for me has a lot to do with music as well as you hear and feel the progress of being in a team in a boat yourself whilst rowing up and down the stream when everyone is pulling in the same direction and the team becomes one, perfectly rowing together, moving a boat across the river with a fine sizzling sound when the oars are moved backwards in the right manner.

When documenting the race I was early and took a photograph of the participating rowing club LIA, who are the first existing rowing club in Vienna, who went up to the starting point where the race began. The moment they passed I heard their tact when the oars hit into the water and gently swirled across the surface of the river backwards and that moment I knew we had no chance to win.

You might ask yourself why the sound is so important and looking at the live pictures I took several times to analyse why our team from Rowing Club Graz did not make it in the end,  I realised that we had a similar technique but simply weren’t in the same tact entirely. Not a single additional rowing stroke audible, no clacking of the oar against the one behind, simply a perfect brief cut into the water and a fast follow up stroke afterwards.

Nonetheless retrospectively it can be said that it is a great success to win against a team of that caliber once, with rowers participating, who took part in olympic games before and make it their sole discipline to row in the eighth boat all over the year and I look forward to our progress for the next year to compete again when we perfected our technique, maybe I am as far at that point to join the team myself.

For the moment I enjoy the club evening rowing training still as a newbie training and learning from those in my club Rowing Club Graz, that won a race against olympic games rowers from our friends in Vienna Rowing Club LIA at the beginning of the tournament.

The finals were a close head to head race between Vienna University and LIA Rowing Club Vienna resulting in a win of the tournament by LIA Rowing Club Vienna.

The extended living room of the City of Graz I called the River Mur banks in my concept for the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur and it indeed is extended to the Rowing Club Graz which can be reached by foot from the centre of Graz in 6,5 kilometres taking about 1,5 hours to engage in a truly royal sport with people who have the same interest, to excel and make the river their own for two hours of rowing in the club evenings every week.

How to become part of the rowing community if you do not yet have heard of it get in touch with the rowing club Graz and subscribe to their newsletter on their website: http://www.ruderclub-graz.at

One hint for those taking part in the rowing classes, wear a T-shirt covering your back entirely, it is called rowing shirt but every rower knows, that the back has to be covered to prevent yourself from sun burns if rowing during the day especially the lunch time hours.

I hope you enjoyed my first cover of a sports event that had nothing to do with my work as a curator for contemporary art and Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment. In the boat, I take the commands given by the boats woman or man, like the entire team in the boat, allowing for a team effort resulting in something that is both physically demanding and keeps people engaging in a singular goal, to move a boat across the river.

Someone once asked me once what my hobbies are, I did not know the answer as my life consisted of work alone but now I can say my hobby is rowing and  I try to excel as best as I can to be part of the rowing community in the City of Graz and train after work to keep a perfect balance between work and private life. As I won every possible medal in walking challenges already in the past month, I take on a new challenge to master something I so far did not engage in the best I can guided by professionals in this field.

All my best and have a lovely summer,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Curator & Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment & Rowing newbie


Photo Credits: Daniela Haberz, M.A. for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U.

Contact Rowing Club Graz:
Murfelderstraße 260
8041 Graz

E-mail: office@ruderclub-graz.at
Link: http://www.ruderclub-graz.at

AØH Recommendation: Christopher Le Brun

British painter and printmaker Christopher Le Brun exhibited in a very private exhibition setting over the course of two days on 15th and 16th of June 2021 in Lisson Gallery’s London Cork Street dependance and showcased new work by the artist.

Between musical influences and the process involved in the making of his work the exhibition was an unmissable showcasing of Christopher Le Brun’s work for a selected few people invited.

The artist talked about the negative and positive shape of his monotype prints on paper by means of layers becoming three-dimensional and hung floating on the wall casting a slight shadow that added to the three-dimensionality.

Upon my question if Mark Rothko is an influence on him as a painter he affirmed it as when filming the artist talk I could see the colour fields emerge. In conversation with the senior director Louise Hayward and the artist the influence of Claude Monet became evident, as she mentioned the nearly waterly flowing of the colour in the lower bottom panels that reminded me of the water surface of the pond in Monet’s water lily paintings in his home in Giverny, France.

Below the artist talk at Lisson Gallery, London in the series AØH TV:

Christopher Le Brun is represented by Lisson Gallery, London: https://www.lissongallery.com

Looking forward to hear more from the artist and his practise over the coming years.

All my best wishes,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment & Curator
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U.


Image Credits: Installation View Lisson Gallery 22 Cork Street, London © Daniela Haberz, M.A. for AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U.



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YACA Young Austrian Contemporary Art & Counterparts worldwide 2008 – 2021 – Cancelled

For safety reasons the exhibition showcasing Styrian art has been cancelled. This year unfortunately, there will be no Zu Gast am Schlossberg/ Visiting Schlossberg Mountain I am afraid. Any other exhibitions in the Bell Tower are not related to the series nor myself.

The exhibition YACA (Young Austrian Contemporary Art) & Counterparts worldwide created for the Bell Tower Liesl for April 2021 will comprise and showcase a collection display of Contemporary Austrian Art with focus on the region Styria surrounding Graz and international counterparts that have been collected by myself over the course of the period 2008 until 2021.

Coinciding with the travel to New York from 3rd May until 17th of May 2021 my curatorial selection presents works by Styrian artists Daniel Hafner, Clemens Hollerer, Marlene Hausegger, Roswitha Weingrill & Marko Lulic as artists from Austria and a limited edition print titled Sketch for Two Way Mirror/ Hedge Arabesque, 2013 by Dan Graham as a counterposition for international art from the US to mark an arch between Graz, Austria and our temporary office in New York. Symbolising the prolonging of our office in Baker Street in London, these two works of the collection will travel to subsequently in June 2021.

The showcasing of the work Queen Beatrix, 2008 by Clemens Hollerer, who was the first artist I collected coming from upper Styria marks the beginning of my collecting Styrian art and working with artists from the region Styria surrounding the City of Graz and presents this work first shown in the Netherlands in the crowning hall of the then still regent Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Dan Graham’s exhibition Dan Graham – Contemplation in February 2019 in the Kitchen Gallery in Graz, Austria marks my collection endeavour of international art from the US that originally started with collecting the limited edition video work You called me Jacky by Pipilotti Rist in 2013 at Walther Koenig Book Store at Art Basel.

The counterposition of the Austrian artist Clemens Hollerer as one of the first artists I collected and referring back to the exhibition Dan Graham – Contemplation draw the attention to engaging with art in today’s time locally but at the same time being carried out into the world which was marked by the opening of my office in London last year in October 2020 showcasing the exhibition Paintings Painted/ Malerei Gemalt in November 2020.

Taking time and pause as Contemplation implies by engaging with contemporary art without concerns of our daily life. Like in the previous two exhibitions in 2020, I will continue to provide access to the Bell Tower during the exhibition period only on a very limited basis for families or small groups of people at a time.

The Schlossberg Mountain per se provides a possibility to take time away from the hectic city centre to pause from our day-to-day routine and nearly feel on a holiday by taking the walk uphill towards the Bell Tower Liesl that by means of the heritage surroundings allows for creation of the feeling of being in a remote place as I most recently wrote in the limited edition art book series Horizon & Time Jump on the work of Alfredo Barsuglia published in 2020, which will be presented coinciding with the exhibition opening.

It is not necessary to register but waiting time might occur when groups arrive at the same time. From last year’s experience however, it can be said that this rarely incurs a long waiting time or allows for a short introduction to the art on display by myself as curator of the exhibition and art collector of the AØH Art Collection Haberz.

For a more in-depth guided tour please register under my mobile phone no. +43 664 182 8678 or under dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org The guided tours and access to the exhibition is free of charge, the works on display serve as recommendations for acquisitions of contemporary Austrian art but will not be for sale.

We would like to thank our long-term sponsor Real Estate Department of the City of Graz for their continuing support and the Miles Christie Trust for the loan of the works.

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Curator & Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment

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Lee Ufan – In Between/ Dazwischen & Public Sculpture Relatum April 2022

Selected Site for the Public Commisson/ Ausgewählter Ort für die Skulptur im öffentlichen Raum, Graz, Austria

For the English version please scroll down******

Die Skulptur im öffentlichen Raum betitelt Relatum – The Leap zu Deutsch RelatumDer Sprung wurde vom Koreanischen Künstler Lee Ufan für den Skulpturengarten an der Mur für die Stadt Graz kreiert und in Beziehung zur neu entstandenen Holzbrücke gesetzt, welche die zwei Flussufer in diesem Gebiet im Bezirk Gries, das gerade im Zuge des Murkraftwerkbaus neu entwickelt wird, verbindet und die Weiterentwicklung meines Skulpturengarten an der Mur ermöglicht, der durch eine Skulptur des Österreichischen Künstlers Alfredo Barsuglia auf der anderen Murseite im Grünanger Park, der von den Grazerinnen und Grazern für Sport- und Freizeitaktivitäten genutzt wird, seinen Ausgang nahm.

Wie in meinem kuratorischen Konzept zu Lee Ufan’s Ausstellung Lee Ufan –  In Between/ Dazwischen entwickelt für den Grazer Glockenturm für April 2022 im Rahmen der Ausstellungsreihe Zu Gast am Schlossberg geschrieben, referenziert Relatum das Lateinische Wort Relatus, zu Deutsch Reden oder Bericht erstatten, sowie Relato, Widerhallen, im Bezug auf die Skulptur der Widerhall der umgebenden Landschaft, eingerahmt durch die Skulptur.

Zusätzlich, bezieht sich der Titel auf den Sprung entlang des Flussufers, sowie das spiralförmige Hin und Her zwischen der existierenden Skulptur, dem architektonischen Element der Brücke und dem bogenförmigen Sprung seiner Skulptur, eingefroren und sichtbar gemacht als skulpturales Element. In Mitten der Luft beginnend, an diesem Ort des Flussufers auf dem etwas erhöhten Pfad auftreffend und endgültig mit einem Sprung in die Luft einen Bogen umschreibend, um im Fluss zu landen. In Form eines Tors wird die Szenerie in der Distanz eingerahmt.

Der Teil dazwischen, der zumeist zwei Teilen der Skulpturen von Lee Ufan ist selbst eine Form, der unsichtbare dritte Teil. Eine Kommunikation zwischen den beiden physischen Teilen und dem leeren Raum, festgelegt von Lee Ufan beim Aufbau der Installation, zusätzlich von uns Besucher_innen geformt, als bewegliche Komponente, die sich verschiebt, wenn man davor steht, den leeren Raum dazwischen definiert.

Wie ich einmal in einem Essay über sein Werk geschrieben habe, involviert er die Subjekt-Objekt Beziehung, die wir aus der Psychologie kennen oder aus Foucault’s theoretischen Abhandlungen seines Buches Heterotopien. Der utopische Körper. Gleichzeitig wird eine vierte Komponente hinzugefügt, die geographische Verortung seiner künstlerischen Arbeit im realen Raum, die ich als Weiterentwicklung von Foucault’s Theorie hinzugefügt habe, wir als Menschen definieren den Raum und geben ihm seine bestimmende Funktion.

Lee Ufan beschreibt seine Arbeiten, als für einen Raum entstanden zu sein, situiert von ihm selbst, referenzierend und in Relation zur Umgebung, die skulpturale Installation in Bezug zu dem, was sie umgibt, das rund um die Skulptur zu sehen ist, in klarer Referenz zu den ausgewählten Teilen und der Natur selbst oder dem Ausstellungsraum in dem sie gezeigt wird. Die Umgebung neu definierend und als Referenzpunkt lokalisiert, wenn temporär an diesem Ort gezeigt oder wenn wir eine permanente Installation besuchen, interagieren wir als Besucher_innen mit ihr, den leeren Raum umzeichnend und eine zusätzliche Bedeutung gebend, durch unseren persönlichen Zugang oder Hintergrund. 

Wie vielschichtig wir als Menschen sind, dieser persönliche Hintergrund fügt eine zusätzliche Bedeutungsebene hinzu, wie bei Foucault beschrieben und basiert auf Lee Ufan’s biographischen Hintergrund, auch bezugnehmend auf seine verschiedenen Serien und sein Oeuvre, das er über einen Zeitraum von mehreren Dekaden kreiert hat.

Ein wesentlicher Punkt beim Erschaffen seiner Werke spielen Schatten und Licht, die eine Kommunikation zwischen den Teilen seiner Arbeit beginnen und eine weitere Ebene zu seinen Skulpturen hinzufügt, die über den Tag und die Jahreszeiten hinweg variieren, beeinflusst durch das genaue Platzieren und Zusammensetzen der involvierten Teile, welche diese Kommunikation der Schatten ermöglicht.

Die Relatum Serie von Lee Ufan wurde in mehreren Auftragsarbeiten auf der ganzen Welt umgesetzt, zuletzt im Serpentine Gallery Park unter dem Titel RelatumStage kuratiert von Hans Ulrich Obrist, London, England in 2018, dem Schloss Versailles in Frankreich unter dem Titel Lee Ufan Versailles kuratiert von Catherine Pégard im Jahr 2014 und im Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris unter dem Titel  Relatum, le repos de la transparence (Relatum das Ruhen der Durchsichtigkeit) im Jahr 2013, kuratiert von Louise Hayward, Senior Direktorin der Lisson Gallery, London.

Relatum als Überbegriff seiner Werkreihe involviert immer auch einen weiteren Begriff, wie oben erwähnt, der auf den spezifischen Ort, für den sie kreiert wurde, Bezug nimmt. Im Bezug auf die Skulptur im öffentlichen Raum, von mir in Auftrag gegeben und der Stadt Graz vorgeschlagen, ist dieser Untertitel Der Sprung, bezugnehmend auf die Skulpturen, die in Zukunft noch entstehen werden entlang der Mur, aber auch die fünf Orte, die dem Künstler vorgeschlagen wurden, aus denen er diesen Ort ausgewählt hat.

Der Sprung in der Zeit, wie oben erwähnt, ist ein weiterer Aspekt, der die Entwicklung seiner Skulptur eigens für diesen Ort am Flussufer der Mur für diesen Ort hervorhebt und für den Skulpturengarten an der Mur entworfen wurde, der von mir für die Stadt Graz in meiner Funktion als Leiterin des Skulpturengarten an der Mur und der AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U. entwickelt wurde.

Wir freuen uns den international erfolgreichen Künstler Lee Ufan und seine Assistentin, sowie unsere Projektpartnerin der Lisson Gallery hier in Graz im nächsten Jahr 2022 begrüßen zu dürfen und die Umsetzung der Ausstellung und Skulptur im öffentlichen Raum in enger Kooperation mit seiner Galerie in London und dem Künstleratelier Lee Ufan in Paris, Frankreich sowie der Stadt Graz im Zuge der Umgestaltung der Murpromenade durch den Murkraftwerksbau umzusetzen.

Die Skulptur wird mit lokalen Firmen der Region Steiermark umgesetzt um neue Stellen vor Ort in Graz zu schaffen und dadurch Aufträge in die Steiermark holen um diese zweite Skulptur im öffentlichen Raum im Rahmen des Skulpturengarten an der Mur gemeinsam zu realisieren.

Bei Fragen bitte ich Sie sich gerne an mich unter meiner Mobilnummer: +43 664 182 8678 oder meiner privaten E-mailadresse: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org zu wenden.

Herzlichen Dank im Voraus für Ihre Unterstützung in der Umsetzung dieses Vorhabens und besonderen Dank unserem langjährigen Sponsor Immobilienabteilung der Stadt Graz.

Beste Grüße

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Kuratorin & Vermögensberaterin für Kunst als Investition

Daniela Haberz, M.A., Direktorin & Projektleiterin
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.
Gewerbliche Vermögensberatung, eingeschränkt auf die Veranlagung der sonstigen beweglichen Sachanlagen im Bereich Kunst und Kunstinvestment

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Ausstellungsort Graz: 
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Photo Credit: Relatum Series by Lee Ufan Lisson Gallery, London

The Public Commission RelatumThe Leap has been created by Korean artist Lee Ufan for the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur in Graz, Austria and is set in relation to the wooden bridge connecting the two river banks of the area, currently undergoing development due to the River Mur Power Plant, which allows the development of my Sculpture Garden on the River Mur, started with a project by Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia on the opposite River Bank in a small park used for recreation and sports activities by the people living in Graz in 2018.

As described in my curatorial concept on Lee Ufan’s work, for his exhibition Lee Ufan –  In Between/ Dazwischen in the Bell Tower in Graz for April 2022 in the framework of my exhibition series Visiting Schlossberg Mountain, Relatum is referring to the latin word Relatus translating to Talk or Report as well as Relato, Reverberating that can be referred to in this sculpture as reverberating the landscape surroundings, framed by the sculpture.

Furthermore, the leap alongside the river, as well as being spiralled between the existing sculpture, the architectural element, the bridge and his sculpture picturing the leap as the frozen moment in time. Starting in mid air, resting at this point of the river’s side elevated ground above the river bank and finally ending with a leap rising in the air into the water describing an arch picturing and framing the scene in the distance in form of a gate.

The in-between part of usually two parts of the sculpture is a shape in itself and the invisible third part. A communication between the physical parts and the empty space that is defined by Lee Ufan, when setting up the installation, is further defined by us visitors as a third mobile component that deviates and shifts when standing in front of it, defining the empty space in between anew.

River Bank near the Mur Power Plant viewed from the bridge/ Flussufer beim Murkraftwerk von der Brücke aus gesehen, Graz, Austria

As I once wrote in an essay about his work in 2017, he involves the subject object relation as described in psychology or Foucault’s theoretical works in his book On Heterotopia, but at the same time adds an additional fourth component, the geographical localisation of his work in real space which I added as further development of Foulcaut’s theory, that we as humans define a space and give it a dedicated purpose.

Ufan describes his works to be created for the space, placed by himself referencing and relating to the surroundings, putting the sculptural installation into perspective to what surrounds it, what is seen around the sculpture in clear reference to the chosen parts and nature itself or the exhibition space it is shown at, defining the surroundings anew and locating it there as a reference point when being in this place temporarily or when visiting a permanent installation we can interact with as visitors, shaping the empty space and giving it an additional meaning by means of our own access and background.

As multi-facetted as we as humans are this background adds a further meaning as described by Foucault and is based on Lee Ufan’s biographical background as well as relating to the different series and body of works he created over the period of several decades of which a curatorial selection will be on view at the exhibition in the Bell Tower Liesl on Schlossberg Mountain in April 2022.

An important fact in creation of his work plays shadow and light, that starts to communicate between the parts of his work and creates another layer to his sculpture that varies over the day and seasons influenced by carefully placing the involved parts together which make these shadow communications possible.

The Relatum Series by Lee Ufan has been realised in several commissions around the world, most recently in the Serpentine Galleries Park titled RelatumStage, London, UK curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist in 2018, the Château de Versailles in France under the title Lee Ufan Versailles in 2014 curated by Catherine Pégard and in the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France under the title Relatum, le repos de la transparence (Relatum, the resting of transparency) in 2013 curated by Louise Hayward, Senior Director of Lisson Gallery, London.

Relatum as an umbrella title of this work series always involves an additional term as mentioned above, relating to the site it is created for. In case of his Public sculpture commissioned by myself and suggested to the City of Graz this subtitle is The Leap, referencing the sculptures on the River Mur to come but as well the five locations suggested to the artist to select from.

The leap in time as referred to above is another access point that underlines the creation of his installation especially for the location he chose in the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur, that has been created by myself for the City of Graz in my role as Head of the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur and Head of the AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U.

We are looking forward to welcoming the renowned artist Lee Ufan and his assistant as well as our project partner from Lisson Gallery here in Graz in Austria next year 2022 and the realisation of the exhibition and public commission in close collaboration with Lisson Gallery, London, United Kingdom and studio Lee Ufan in Paris, France and the City of Graz, Austria.

The sculpture will be realised involving local companies from the region Styria to allow for new jobs to be created over the due course of the coming year and to bring new work to people from the region to realise this second outdoor sculpture in the Sculpture Garden on the River Mur together.

For further questions or the entire concept please do not hesitate to get in touch under my mobile no. +43 664 182 8678 or my personal e-mail address: dhaberz@artconsultancyhaberz.org

Thank you very much in advance for your support in realisation of this endeavour and special thanks to our long-term sponsor Real Estate Department of the City of Graz.

All my best wishes,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.
Curator & Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment



Daniela Haberz, M.A., Director & Head of Project

AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U. & Limited
Wealth Management limited to the assessment in moveable assets in Art & Art Investment

Head office Graz: 
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz E.u.
Schoergelgasse 32/1/6, 8010 Graz, Austria

Exhibition Space Austria: 
Bell Tower, Schlossberg 6, 8010 Graz, Austria

London Office:
AØH Art Consultancy Haberz Limited (By Guarantee)
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Paintings Painted/ Malerei Gemalt Graz going London 2020

The touring exhibition Paintings Painted/ Malerei Gemalt Graz going London has started yesterday, today the large suitcase has just been checked-in on Graz Airport and will travel with me to London Heathrow to be brought to my Baker Street Office tomorrow morning.

Current News: The exhibition space for New York has been booked today from 3rd to 10th of May 2021 coinciding with Frieze Art Fair New York, USA

Hudson Yards, Exhibition space of AØH Art Consultancy Haberz Graz Going International – Next stop: New York May 2021
The Shed, Location for Frieze Art Fair New York 5th until 09th of May 2021

Participation fee for New York, USA: May and London, UK: June/ July 2021:
300 € including transport & rental of exhibition space.
In case of financial restrictions please let me know so that we can arrange a special fee.

My sincere gratitude goes to the artists participating in the current touring exhibition, which has three exhibition venues. London November/ Dezember 2020 and in the new year 2021:
Budapest, Hungary: February
Location: Lavor Collective Salon, cancelled as there was no further exhibition possibility and the collaboration ended

Rotterdam, Netherlands: March
Location Victory Art, cancelled as there was no further exhibition possibility and the collaboration ended

Graz, Austria Visiting Schlossberg Mountain 2021 April
Location: Glockenturm Liesl am Grazer Schlossberg, Schlossberg 6, 8010 Graz, Austria

New York, USA 3rd till 10th of May coinciding with Frieze Art Fair New York, USA
Location: Hudson Yards, Floors 7, 424 W 33rd St #13, New York, NY 10001, United States

London, United Kingdom First of June until 31st of July
Location: AØH Art Consultancy Haberz Limited, 83 Baker Street, London W1U 6AG, United Kingdom

Thanks to everyone who supported with their help and showcasing of works at the Glockenturm Liesl in Graz in the framework of Visiting Schlossberg Mountain October/ November 2020, Susanne Wolte, Elisabeth Pfniß, Katharina Zussner, Reiner Heidorn, Martin Brischnik, Max Kulich & last but not least Walter Köstenbauer.

A lot of thanks as well to our 711 visitors in four weeks and fourteen exhibition days and the school group of the Akademische Gymnasium Graz, Austria. Especially the lovely group 3c who I know from last year as 2c and their art teacher Helga Kikel who let’s me join her class as head of art workshop in the framework of her art classes and the exhibitions at the Bell Tower Graz.

From 12th until 30st of November 2020 the exhibition can be viewed on appointment only in 83 Baker Street, London, United Kingdom

Below can be found my three hour work from yesterday afternoon building a transport box for the large art pieces that were shipped by secure mail from the post office in Graz. A big thanks to Pagro and the Post Office Neutorgasse for letting me build the box in their shops and the two post officers applying the final touch to make everything compatible with the shipping regulations for Austria and the United Kingdom.

All my best wishes and I keep you posted about the exhibitions! Have a lovely pre Christmas time and see you all healthy and safe in the New Year 2021,

Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Curator & Wealth Adviser for Art as Investment

AØH Art Consultancy Haberz e.U., Graz, Austria & AØH Art Consultancy Haberz Limited, London, United Kingdom



Ankaufsvorschlag Kontakt Sammlung

Einweihung Zeitsprung/ Time Jump, 2019-2040 von Alfredo Barsuglia im Rahmen des Skulpturengarten an der Mur in Graz, Austria kuratiert & geleitet von Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Sehr geehrte Frau Rhomberg,
Liebe Frau Jachs,

Portefolio Victory Art, Slowakei/ Rotterdam

AØH Art Consultancy Haberz – Daniela Haberz, M.A.

Mit herzlichem Dank für Ihre Unterstützung im Voraus

Daniela Haberz

Some inspiration from Iceland my favourite Nordic country

Travel to Iceland to follow Bjørk and Olafur Eliasson’s footsteps showed that their inspiration clearly steems from their home-countries, in case of Eliasson to parts as he is half Danish but their music in case of Bjørk and visual art in case of Olafur Eliasson is clearly linked to the nature there.

My trip to the South Coast presented me with waterfalls and a black sand beach which was film set for the television series Games of Thrones, with impressive rocks standing out from the sea. The legend has it that these two pillars are trolls that have come home from the sea with their ships at sunrise and have been turned to stone as they were not allowed to be out in daylight.

The black colour of the sand on the beach is vulcanic lava remains that was cooled by the sea and left its marks. A cave on the beach has been used as shelter.

If we look at the width of the landscape Bjørk’s Icelandic songs in her own language express this vastness that can barely be overlooked and all the many waterfalls are reflected in a more recent work by Olafur Eliasson, his waterfall project created for New York, spilling into the Hudson River and last year exhibited at Tate Modern Gallery in London.

At first Eliasson’s work tainting rivers green made me think of the Irish tainting their river green but when I saw the landscape on the South Coast of Iceland it clearly made sense that it is the moss on the mountains in the surroundings of waterfalls.

Both Bjørk and Eliasson should have been in Iceland during my holiday but neither came so I went on a walk along the bay and sang some songs by Bjørk myself and thought about throwing little things off the cliff, which were my favourite song lyrics by Bjørk freely interpreted: Let’s get out of here down to the bay and throw little things of the cliff. Certainly I sticked to little stones I threw into the water but I have to admit most made it home in a large bag full of Icelandic vulcanic stones which I carried through customs in my carry on bag. Glad when I arrived and could put them down at home.

Certainly, Reykjavik and the South Coast are a must in a Nordic country travel schedule and even though I never joined a tour I can advise to definitely do so with an experienced guide like Michaël who went to greater length and showed us all there is to see in the area we went to. Included French speaking with him and one other traveler which I thought I had forgotten but could nonetheless join in after listening for a while.

Thanks so much to Michaël for his relentless effort and prolonging the tour until no one but myself wanted to leave the bus to take photographs anymore but I climbed every hill there was to get the perfect picture and some snapshots are here to be looked at.

All my best and I hope I could inspire some of you to visit Iceland my favourite Nordic country,


PS: Start all three videos at the same time, this is Iceland and it’s sound!
And do not forget to ask for the local Icelandic dish in Reykjavik and buy malt sauce, definitely a must have for every chef or those with love for cooking.